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We are a leather machine manufacturing plant integrated with study , design ,manufacturing and service.Throughout many years, we’ve gained remarkable record ,becoming the international famous brand of leather machiner.We share ove 90% market of Leather Measuring Machine in China and export to the whol world.Fengmi leather spraying machine series products after years of research and development, leather slurry saving effect is very obvious, receive more and more trust of tannery and leather factory. Now, Fengmi electric has three plants, one research and development center,8 permanent offices in China.In addition, Fengmi electronic have network companies throughout the world and corporate with Chinese leading leather machinery factories, offer export services for themIn addition, Fengmi provides Chinese top leather machines for the world,as well as the most reliableChina leather machinery industry information and services.

Main Products:

1. Leather measuring machine ( 8 types, 50 sizes)

2. Leather spraying machine ( size: 1200mm-3800mm)

3. Leather spraying machine computer (4,6,8,12,24 guns)

4. Leather vacuum dryer ( size: 2.5*4-3*7)

5. Auto water feeding system for drums ( size: 65,80,100)

6. Stretch type leather Ironing machine,leather embossing machine,leather ironing and embossing machine ( 1600mm-3200mm)

7. Auto wet-blue leather checking machine and Auto leather stacking machine (1600mm-3200mm)

Foreign trade agent products:

1. Tannery drum: overloading wooden drum ,hathpace wooden drum,stainless steel tannery drum, pp drum,laboratory drum

2.leather fleshing machine:3200 heavy type hydraulic leather fleshing machine, GQR2 series hydraulic leather fleshing machine3200

3.Leather sammying machine:CJ3A3-300 through type leather sammying machine, GJST2- 300 five roller type sammying machine

4. Leather splitting machine: GJ2A10-300leather splitting machine,GJ2A 9- 120/150 leather splitting machine,GJ2D1-40C dry leather splitting machine

5.Plate leather embossing machine: YPS series plate embossing machine, YPZ series automatic leather e mbossing machine for synthetic leather

6.Leather staking machine: GLRZ - 4 H leather staking machine, GLRZ - 2 H vibration staking machine

7.Leather buffing machine:GMG-wet-dry buffing machine, GMG-80 buffing machine

8.Aircurret dusting machine:GQCC-aircurrent dusting machine,GCCQ2-aircurrent dusting machine

9.Leather polishing machine:GPGT3-120 stretch type leather polishing machine,GPGT1-60/80 leather polishing machine, GPGT2-120 stretch type leather polishing machine

10.Rotary dry machine:GGZB1 rotary dry machine

11.Hang conveyor:GGZX406 hang conveyor

12 Leather shaving machine:GXYY-300A leather shaving machine, GXYY- 150B/180B leather shaving machine, sw1500 leather shaving machine

13.Roller coating machine:GTSG4-120 roller coating machine,GTSG3-180 roller coating machine, GTSG3-160 roller coating machine

Fengmi headquarters: 118-68 Xinchang Road, Xinzha Town, Changzhou , Jiangsu, China.

Fengmi electronic plant for leather spraying machine and leather embossing machine and leather stacking machine : No.50 Liyuan road, xuejia town,Xinbei area, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China. Domestic

Sale tel: +86-519-86969973 , +86-13912315697

International Sale tel:+86-13915075937


Website: www.ebookling.com. www.czfh.net Email: wise@czfm.com

●The Expert of leather manufacturing automation equipment in China

●Leather Measuring machine manufacturing standard drafting unit in China

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