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Ten advantages of Fengmi leather spraying machine

1.save leather slurry: save 10-20% leather pulp than the same products.

2.Spray leather pattern function: through dozens of customers at home and abroad using experience, only fengmi computer can meet the requirements of the leather pattern they need spray.

3.Energy saving, power saving, Fengmi new generation of drying technology, can make the drying path shorter 4-6 meters, both save energy and space.

4.More environmentally friendly, Fengmi new generation of dust removal, adopted multiple filtering, can completely avoid the dross.

5.better dust-removal function: indoor spraying fog is small, clean and bright.

6.Teflon transmission device: no need personnel supervision, no need install infrared stop, don't worry about pinched skin damage, original in China.

7.Function upgrade:at home and abroad,Fengmi is the only enterprice to intergrate producing finished machine and computer development , no matter from product research, development, production and after-sales service, has the incomparable advantage over other manufacturers.

8 .Original technology: Fengmi technology, complete with independent research and development, independent production, comparing other factory has the advantages of original and stability.

9.After-sale protection: complete coverage of domestic service network, in foreign country has many technical security agents, can provide the most timely service to our customers.

10. Genuine materials,Fengmi products, regard the honor of the company for the first, never cut corners, shoddy, assured the quality, with more at ease.


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